About rental products

If it is damaged or difficult to reuse, a maximum of 18 months' rental fee may be charged.
Please read the attached instruction manual and assembly manual for the product and use it correctly as described.

In addition, when using the product, there may be cases where parts other than accessories are attached or stickers are attached.
If it is difficult to restore the original condition due to the above usage, we will charge a fee.
Please note.

A monthly fee of 18 months will be charged.
Please note that payment will be made from your registered credit card.
First of all, please contact us immediately from the inquiry form.

Yes. It is possible.

However, we ask that you carry out the transport and movement of the product yourself.
Please note that we are not responsible for any accident, damage or loss that may occur during transport or movement.

[When moving outside the service area]
Please change it to your new address from My Page.
When returning the product, the customer is responsible for packing the product and making arrangements for the return.
You are responsible for the cost of returning the product. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the nature of the subscription service, it may not be new. We apologize for the inconvenience, but scratches, stains, etc. that do not interfere with use are the specifications.

In addition, fabric furniture such as sofas may have a unique smell when new.
In that case, please understand that we cannot exchange it as an initial defect.
In addition, if a part of the product is damaged and there is a defect such as being unable to be assembled, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Please contact us immediately using the contact form.
If you contact us within 7 days of delivery, we will immediately check the facts and refund the rental fee or exchange with a replacement. If more than 8 days have passed, please contact us first.

Each item is manufactured individually and cannot be exchanged.

About return

We do not accept returns for the reason that "it was different from the image". Please note that each item is made one by one.

*Please check the product details for product images and sizes.

Please contact us from My Page > Order History > "Return Application" button on the desired product.

We accept requests for pick-up dates from 2 weeks to 1 month later.

Application date 1/5, desired collection date 1/13 → ○
Application date 1/5, desired collection date 2/13 → ×
Application date 1/5, desired collection date 1/10 → ×
Application date 1/5, desired pickup date 2/04 → ○

* If you specify the time when returning, you will be charged a time specification fee separately.
*We may not be able to accept your requested pickup date due to the circumstances of the delivery company. Please note.

A prescribed return fee will be charged at the time of ordering. (It will change depending on the period of use)
Please contact our customer support for the amount of each product.

In addition to the cost of the product, service operations incur various costs such as round-trip shipping, insurance, and repair and refresh costs. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask you to bear part of the above costs as a return fee.
(Discounts may be applied depending on the period of use)

Also, if you return it within 3 months after the start of use, a return fee will be charged by adding the usage fee for the period of 3 months minus the usage period. Please note.

Example) If a return application is accepted at the time of the first month of use Monthly usage fee remaining 2 months + Return fee set for the product = Total return fee incurred at the time of return

No need.
When returning the product, we will take it back in the same condition as when it was shipped.
A delivery company specializing in furniture will do this, so there is no need to pack or disassemble. Please rest assured.

There is no need to bear the cost for stains or scratches that occur due to the original usage of the applicable product. However, if it is intentionally damaged or the item is damaged so badly that it is difficult to reuse, we may charge a maximum of 18 months' rental fee.
If you have any questions about the condition of the product, please contact our customer support.

Yes of course.
There are two ways to use it.

1: Customers move the products themselves, and then change the registered address.

2: Use the exchange at a different address on a different day.

If you are considering the above method, there are items to be confirmed regarding delivery, such as the schedule and address. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact our customer support.
We would be happy to assist you with your order.